Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

For a beautiful smile, today several options are presented. One of them is teeth whitening (bleaching). There are two main types of teeth whitening as in-office teeth whitening and at- home teeth whitening. While in-office teeth whitening makes a visible difference in 30 minutes, the difference in at-home teeth whitening appears in at least one week. In-office type whitening procedure should be definitely performed by a dentist. Experience of the dentist, material and device used in the procedure are of great importance for the sustainability of teeth whitening procedure. Moreover, it is also important that the patient should follow instructions after teeth whitening procedure.

What can cause stained teeth or tooth discoloration?

Smoking and consumption of tea, coffee and acidic beverages frequently and for a long time can cause stained teeth. There are many other reasons of discoloration. There are also discolorations related with genetics, taking antibiotics for a long time, excessive fluoride intake, root canal treatment, trauma and aging.

How is in-office teeth whitening procedure performed?

The procedure is performed at the dental clinic by a dentist. It takes shorter and it is a system that can bring results faster. First of all, all surfaces of lip and cheek are isolated by a retractor. Then, gum tissue is also isolated with the covering agents. Only tooth surfaces remain uncovered. The bleaching gel with hydrogen peroxide is applied to tooth surfaces and this gel is activated using light or laser. The gel activated by a laser or light produces a visible bleaching effect on tooth surface. The procedure takes 30-40 minutes. There is no need for anaesthesia during teeth whitening procedure.

In-office teeth whitening is more permanent and much more effective than at-home teeth whitening. Since the ratio of hydrogen peroxide content of the bleaching agent is higher, effects are produced in a shorter time.

How is at-home teeth whitening performed?

Personalized teeth bleaching trays are prepared by taking the impression of the inside of the mouth. A certain amount of bleaching gel is applied to the trays. These trays should be kept in the mouth for at least 4 hours for this procedure to be effective.

For whom is teeth whitening procedure performed?

Teeth whitening procedure is applicable for all individuals with age over 18 and for any healthy tooth.

Is there any inconvenience of teeth whitening?

There is not any harmful effect of teeth whitening procedures to teeth and gums as long as the procedure is performed as a result of right indication and under the supervision of a dentist. It harms neither pulp nor the hard tissue of the tooth.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

It is expected that the colour of teeth changes with time. Although it is stated that effect of whitening procedure lasts for 2-3 years, this duration varies with factors such as eating habit and smoking. Since it is a repeatable procedure, the procedure can be performed again when discoloration occurs.

Is there any sensitivity after the teeth whitening procedure?

Nonserious sensitivity may develop.  This sensitivity goes away within a few a days.

Is teeth whitening same procedure as the removing of stains on the surface of teeth?

It is not the same procedure. These stains on the surface of tooth is absuletly removed before teeth whitening procedure.

What should be kept in mind after teeth whitening procedure?

Smoking should be reduced. Nothing should be eaten and drunk for an hour after the procedure. Tea, coffee, acidic beverages, coloured beverages (turnip, juices, red wine etc.) and foods (foods with tomato paste, foods with dark sauce, coloured fruits etc.) should be avoided for 10 days. Otherwise, the discolouration is observed. The more the instructions are followed, the longer the whiteness is preserved.

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